Nabholz is a single-source provider of turn-key machinery installation, relocation and maintenance for all types of rail equipment.

We specialize in turn-key machinery installations, relocation, equipment inspections and preventive maintenance projects of all sizes. Our service engineers have 20+ years of experience in building and servicing railroad and machine tool equipment. Whether it’s a single machine installation or a complete plant relocation, Nabholz is committed to delivering the best service, quality, and value on every project. Our approach puts your production and schedule needs first and minimizes disruptions to your operations while we work within your facility. Nabholz’ corporate offices are in Conway, Arkansas and our Railroad and Industrial headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas. We have a full-service machining and manufacturing facility in Rogers, Arkansas and another in Olive Branch, Mississippi — and our newest satellite operation in Oxford, Connecticut allows us to provide quick response times to our railroad clients in the Northeast.

Let Nabholz be your one-stop provider for railroad services, engineering, design, and maintenance.

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Nabholz has the knowledge and experience to provide both routine maintenance and emergency repair service for all of your rail shop equipment from a variety of manufacturers including:

  • Car Hoists Systems
  • Truck Repair Hoist
  • Truck Turntables
  • Drop Tables
  • Shim Carriages
  • Transfer Tables
  • Railcar Turntables
  • Truck Rotators
  • Sanding Systems
  • Wheel Truing Systems
  • Wheel Press Equipment

Nabholz has a team of engineers and service technicians with decades of knowledge and experience ready to provide the following services to help keep your rail shop equipment running as expected and keep equipment down time to a minimum. Nabholz is able to provide these services to shops that have multiple pieces of equipment from different manufacturers making Nabholz your one stop service provider.

Nabholz has the knowledge and expertise to develop and perform a scheduled preventive maintenance program for all types of rail equipment from different manufacturers serving the light, commuter, and freight rail industries.
Our experienced technicians can perform inspections and assessments of rail shop equipment mechanical and electrical systems and provide customers with a detailed report of their findings.
On-call technicians are available to provide 24/7 emergency services, troubleshooting, and equipment repairs when needed.
Nabholz can provide and install OEM replacement and spare parts for all rail equipment. We specialize in the replacement of ACME and Buttress lift screws and nuts.
  • Mechanical overhauls
    Nabholz has the capacity to assess the condition of existing equipment and recommend repairs and upgrades that will increase the operating reliability of the equipment.
  • Capacity upgrades
    Nabholz will assess the condition of existing equipment to determine if component change out will enable capacity upgrade.
  • Control system upgrades
    Nabholz has the electrical and control system expertise to recommend control system upgrades that will incorporate advanced technology to enhance equipment operation.
Nabholz can provide operator and maintenance training classes and complete documentation for existing rail shop equipment.


We don't just service equipment — Nabholz manufactures a single axle drop table that can be customized to meet your needs.


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Field Service Coordinator
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Electrical Project Manager
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Manager - Rail Services

With Nabholz, you can rest easy knowing that safety always comes first–for our people and yours.

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