Commercial Turkey Hatchery


Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults Inc


Osceola, Iowa


LB Smith & Associates Consulting Engineers of Monroe, North Carolina

Nabholz built this 87,000 square foot agricultural facility with a climate-controlled egg room, six setter rooms, four hatcher rooms, shower-in/shower-out facilities, a TSA compliant video monitoring system, in-house laundry facilities, a HVAC control system for precise environmental control, a MTU diesel generator, and high efficiency boilers, chillers, fluid coolers and improved insulation for lower energy requirements. Built on a Fast-Trac schedule, the Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults hatchery is the largest turkey incubation and hatching facility in the world. The hatchery was built with the highest standards for incubating, hatching, welfare and delivering turkey poults. Special care was also taken for bio-security to help keep the poults from being exposed to disease. This facility has an egg setting capacity of 50 million eggs per year and can hatch approximately 800,000 turkey poults per week.