St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church


St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church


Stillwater, Oklahoma


Hord Architects of Memphis, Tennessee and Franck & Lohse Architects of Washington, District of Columbia

This project is a perfect combination of traditional and modern architecture, including beautiful cathedrals with a towering 63’ high steeple atop an already high elevation, with a 14’ decorative cross sitting at the top. The exterior is a blend of masonry and massive concrete columns set off with glass and other ornamental work.

St. Francis Xavier is the single largest sanctuary project undertaken by the Oklahoma diocese to date. The features include a 13,640-square foot sanctuary with additional balcony choir space seating a total of 830 people; a 5,635-square-foot Parish Hall for 300 people; a 950-square-foot commercial kitchen; a 5,990-square-foot Youth Center with gym and tee lounge; and a 7,300-square-foot Education Wing with common areas and support space.