Hutchinson Regional Medical Center ICU Expansion & Remodel


Hutchinson Regional Medical Center


Hutchinson, Kansas


Health Facilities Group, LLC of Wichita, Kansas

This 25,000-square-foot, 18-bed ICU was built in a round formation, with a central staff area surrounded by 14 of the patient rooms. The other four beds are in an adjoining half-circle.

In the center of the new ICU are staff areas that radiate out in larger circles, as well as rooms for food service and a secure pharmacy. The circular design eliminates long hallways, considerably reducing the distance staff has to walk every day.

The circular design, however, was more challenging to build than a more traditional design. Parts were built off-site and then installed at the hospital. The structure was built within millimeters of precision using lasers.

The remodel also included new waiting rooms, which have a couple of areas divided by half walls for some privacy, a separate room with vending machines and a view—and access—to new “serenity gardens” on the west side of the ICU.