Arkansas Children’s Northwest


Arkansas Children's


Springdale, Arkansas


Polk Stanley Wilcox of Fayetteville, Arkansas and FKP Architects of Houston, Texas

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Northwest is a five-story, 248,000-square-foot facility that eliminates the need for patients to travel to other areas of the state for first-class care.  Built on 37 acres west of Interstate 49 in Springdale, the design includes a helipad and refueling station for Angel One, the care-flight transport service.

The hospital features a 24-hour pediatric emergency department; five operating rooms; 24 inpatient beds; 30 clinic rooms; a chapel with pastoral care; diagnostic and ancillary services; imaging capabilities; cafeteria; play areas; and outdoor gardens and nature trails.

A variety of exterior finishes were incorporated — including aluminum composite panels, curtain wall, mega rib steel panels, and stone veneer — to give the building a modern, but inviting, appearance.