Jon Pahl Ready to Advance Innovation at Nabholz in New Director Role

Jon Pahl, former president of Nabholz' Kansas operation, was recently named Nabholz’s first corporate director of innovation. In this position, [...]

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Nothing Hits the Floor for Nabholz’ Ozark Mill Project Team

The Nabholz team at Ozark Mill is applying lean principles to drive waste out of their project. The job site, [...]

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Management as a Superintendent: How to Lead the Job Site in a New Way

As a superintendent for Nabholz, I am consistently trying to create a positive work culture for our clients, team members, [...]

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Nabholz EVP Rob Dodd to Present on Mass Timber Construction

When the University of Arkansas wanted to construct the country’s first large scale mass timber residential hall (later named Adohi Hall), [...]

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Nabholz’ Top Three Rules for Implementing Lean Principles

The concept of lean practice isn’t new. Manufacturers have been eliminating waste from their highly repetitive production processes for decades. [...]

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My Nabholz Story – Mayur Mahajan

Mayur Mahajan is a Virtual Design and Construction Specialist in our Kansas City area office. However, his path to the [...]

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Entegrity is Changing the Oklahoma Energy Scene

In a state where activity in the oil and gas industry underlay approximately one-third of the total increase in real [...]

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Nabholz Acquires Continental Machinery Movers, Opens Location in Nashville

Nashville, Tenn. - Nabholz Corporation of Conway, Ark. recently acquired Continental Machinery Movers, Inc. of Nashville, Tenn. This acquisition allows [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Go to College

Not going to college? Well, your education has officially ended. Congratulations. Now, go find a minimum wage job. Really??? I [...]

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The Difference Between Construction Budget and Program Budget

Every client has a budget, and that budget is always a factor in many crucial design and construction decisions. Often, [...]

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