A Word To Millennials (and anyone else who will listen)

Let me start with an apology. I’m sorry for the way my generation talks about yours. We complain about “millennials” because it seems more enlightened than complaining about “kids these days.” But if we’re honest [...]

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How To Build a Safety Culture

The construction industry has a mixed past with safety. We’ve all seen photos of men constructing the Rockefeller Building in New York, hundreds of feet in the air with no fall protection. Safety was an [...]

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March Madness: Thoughts from a Referee with 30 Years of Experience

Our brackets are already being busted, we’ve already lost the $20 in the office pool, and the one Duke fan sitting in accounting has become unbearably smug. All this means only one thing — we’ve [...]

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Support Services Keep Railroad Industry on Track

When one hears the word railroad, it usually conjures up pictures of heavy trains, tracks, flashing lights, transporting goods, and maybe even a Western movie scene or two. All of these images leave out one [...]

Experience Makes the Difference with Mission Critical Construction

Mission critical is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Maybe it’s because it sounds like the latest Tom Cruise movie, but more likely it’s probably because most people don’t know what it means. [...]

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