Mission Critical Work: When Failure Is Not An Option

Mission critical work is complex, but the definition of mission critical is in itself, simple. The definition is in its name. “Mission critical”—anything that involves working with the equipment or systems that are essential to [...]

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Welcoming the Primrose School to Tulsa

Nabholz’ Tulsa office is currently constructing Tulsa’s first Primrose School. Kelli and Andy Miller are the new franchise owners of Primrose School of South Tulsa. When Nabholz first met Kelli and Andy, we quickly realized [...]

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Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) Exposure, History, Risks, and Uses

History & Use Raw Asbestos By now most of us have all heard the commercials about how exposure to asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can cause debilitating conditions and illnesses such as [...]

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Nabholz Applies “Nothing Hits the Floor” Lean Principle to School Construction

At Nabholz, we are always looking for ways to incorporate Lean construction principles on our jobsite. Lean construction is not just another initiative at Nabholz or a program to market our relevancy. Rather, Lean focuses [...]

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KIPP Delta Project Study: Balancing Timeline, Budget, and the Unknown on K-12 Renovation Projects

Project Summary Every project has a budget, but few are stricter than the budget for a K-12 project. The combined pressures of often using both federal and local dollars, as well as the obligation to [...]

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