Nabholz Aquires Continental Machinery Movers, Opens Location in Nashville

Nashville, Tenn. - Nabholz Corporation of Conway, Ark. recently acquired Continental Machinery Movers, Inc. of Nashville, Tenn. This acquisition allows Nabholz to target a significantly expanded client base, primarily consisting of the region’s industrial and [...]

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What To Do When You Don’t Go to College

Not going to college? Well, your education has officially ended. Congratulations. Now, go find a minimum wage job. Really??? I don’t think so. Graduating high school and getting your first 40-hour a week job is [...]

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The Difference Between Construction Budget and Program Budget

Every client has a budget, and that budget is always a factor in many crucial design and construction decisions. Often, clients can become confused by the different types of budgets, such as the “program budget” [...]

Common Abbreviations in Mission Critical Construction

Hate it or love it, mission critical construction is, well, a critical step for many businesses as they experience growth or expansion. However, more than any other type of project, mission critical construction can confuse [...]

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What My Father Taught Me About Construction

I grew up in the construction industry – which makes sense considering Bob Nabholz was my father. I started working summers as a laborer at the age of 15 and, as I got older, began [...]

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