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Jon Pahl

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Jon Pahl is Nabholz’s corporate director of innovation and works to create systems that challenge business norms and develop and implement LEAN practices that save money, time, and other resources. Pahl joined Nabholz as an intern in 1997. His time at Nabholz has earned him experience in nearly every aspect of the construction process, including project management and preconstruction.

Nothing Hits the Floor for Nabholz’ Ozark Mill Project Team

The Nabholz team at Ozark Mill is applying lean principles to drive waste out of their project. The job site, [...]

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Nabholz’ Top Three Rules for Implementing Lean Principles

The concept of lean practice isn’t new. Manufacturers have been eliminating waste from their highly repetitive production processes for decades. [...]

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A Word To Millennials (and anyone else who will listen)

Let me start with an apology. I’m sorry for the way my generation talks about yours. We complain about “millennials” [...]

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Finally Home in Kansas at New Office

Last week, our Kansas team moved into a brand new office. This was a long time coming. Midwest President Jon [...]

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