Healthy employees make us happy.

Growing our people is about more than providing great career opportunities; it’s also about doing everything we can to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families. That’s why in 2007 we created the Nabholz Wellness Program. Providing awareness, resources, and incentives has encouraged healthier lifestyles, leading to significant improvements in the overall health of our workforce, especially in the areas of hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol.

These efforts have resulted in well-below-average increases in health insurance rates for the past few years. As an added bonus, our wellness program helps Nabholz retain skilled employees and recruit new talent. Our program has even garnered national recognition as a model for other companies to follow.

Nabholz HBO Weight of the Nation

See the Nabholz Wellness Program in action as part of the HBO documentary series Weight of the Nation

How it works

At the core of the Nabholz Wellness Program is a results-based incentive program with an emphasis on the top five drivers of our health insurance claims: cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, obesity, and nicotine use. Employees and spouses covered under Nabholz’ health insurance plan are screened once a year, either through formal in-house testing or with their own physician. At the end of the year, 99% of covered employees and spouses receive a monetary incentive based on their results.

Because the program focuses on improvement, employees and spouses who “miss the mark” are encouraged to work on any problem areas and retest later in the year to earn more incentive money.

Other elements of the program include monthly gift card drawings for covered employees and spouses who complete their yearly physicals and biannual dental exams. And our First Step program provides an annual reimbursement allowance for all employees and spouses to help pay for things like gym memberships, running/walking shoes, and tobacco cessation aids.

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Looking ahead

The structure of our program will continue evolving to meet the needs of our employees and their families and to maintain compliance with all applicable healthcare regulations.