Quality has been woven into the way we do business since 1949, and we pride ourselves on being a leader in the construction industry. We encourage everyone to research and compare our practices to others in our industry. You’ll find that Nabholz truly provides the best value and quality products and services.

Why Create A Quality Management System?

After a decline in the level of quality provided by specialty contractors and material suppliers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Nabholz created the Quality Management System (QMS).

The QMS is designed to foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement for all construction projects and industry standard practices. The core focus of the QMS is the consistent delivery of superior quality products and services in all phases of construction while maintaining Nabholz’ core principles of fair treatment, honesty, and integrity.

What does this mean to the Owner?

The QMS is adapted to fit each unique project, but the goal never changes—providing ZERO construction defects. Project teams will implement quality-control measures during all project phases, streamlining processes, preventing costly mistakes, and ultimately saving the owner time and money.

Preconstruction Phase

In the preconstruction phase, the QMS calls for in-depth reviews for constructability and high-quality products. Our team will strictly define and verify subcontractor scopes and select qualified subcontractors. We will work with subcontractors to provide accurate cost estimates and eliminate potential risks during each design phase.

Construction Phase

During this phase, the project team will implement three main quality-control measures for each scope of work:

  • Pre-installation meetings: During these meetings, Nabholz will effectively communicate clients’ expectations and design intent directly to all trade contractors prior to the start of work.
  • Verification and inspection of material deliveries: We will inspect delivered materials, a key step in ensuring they conform to the quality standards outlined in the contract documents. This verification assures all materials are free of defects and that the materials used are what the designer intends for each feature of work.
  • Frequent installation inspections: Once installation begins, Nabholz conducts inspections to ensure that all trades understand their work expectations, all installations conform to design documents as intended and meet industry quality standards, and all products are installed per manufacturer guidelines.

Post-Construction Phase

This phase is when the true value of Nabholz’ QMS become apparent. Direct results of our pro-active approach to quality control include shortened punch lists, accurate as-built plans, minimal warranty issues, and a completed building that functions exactly as the design intended.

Workmanship and attention to detail were very good.
Brad Edwards, First Security Bank
The quality of work was outstanding.
David Rutledge, Riverview School District
The professionalism and quality are second to none.
Shawn Halbrook, South Conway County School District
They worked hard to assure the building was a quality building that was well built. One that would stand the test of time.
Dennis Jones, Holton USD 336
No stone left unturned.
TJ Johnston, University of Central Arkansas
Nabholz has exceeded the expectations regarding quality of work.
Mark Reves, Arkansas Children's